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Kaynes is an engineering and IT services company specialist in SAP technology with versatile solutions.
Below are the some of the facts for clients

  • 300+ Elite Clients

  • 1500+ Employees

  • 25+ 3rd Party Vendors

  • 350+ Candidates

Human Resources


Shape and manage a candidates as per government & state regulations. Equal opportunity to all with no discrimination against age, disability, gender, marriage, race, religion or belief, sex.
Build workforce capacity for current and future requirements of the Client Requirements
Build and apply human resource knowledge and expertise to deliver value to the organization
  • Candidate ID verification, travel history using I94
  • Constant learning & development opportunities
    • Review Applicants and Develop Short List
    • Right to represent
    • Conduct & Schedule Interviews
    • Reference Checks
    • Timesheet Processing & Approval
    • Payroll & taxes
    • Benefits Management eg. 401k, Medical, Holidays