Electronic Packaging & Integrated Solutions (EPIS)

(Backplanes, Rugged Power Supplies, Rugged Laptops, Rugged Monitors, Card Cages, ATRs, Cabinets, Consoles & Wired Cubicles)

Kaynes Technology is an industry leader in India for design and manufacture of standard & customized backplanes (based on the VME64X, VPX, cPCI, MTCA & ATCA), chassis (Euro card form factor), consoles and harnessed cubicles (as per customer’s wiring details). Having associated & partnered with the technology-oriented, market-reputed & world-renowned leaders of the technology in the fields of signal integrity, backplane designing & manufacturing, subsystem and system designing, manufacturing & testing, Kaynes has reached the strongest position to address the customers demand.

We use necessary hi-tech tools for the PCB & mechanical designs. The tools include Cadence Alegro, Altium, Cadstar, etc. Our PCB design team has successfully designed the PCBs with the layer counts more than 54 for our overseas customers. Our press-fit machines are capable to deal with the backplane PCBs of higher dimensions (more than 600 mm X 800 mm). The custom sub-racks are used more and more by our customers where the quantities are medium to large or where the complexity is such that standard components are not sufficient. A cost-saving option is worked out intelligently & technically by us for our customers. The biggest advantage is that such solutions generally work out cheaper for the subsequent deliveries once they are designed, tooled & manufactured at the project’s inception. We provide a common service world-wide, share tooling between the sites ~ (saving Customer money), manufacture the same product Globally for our Global Customers, move production of backplanes to suit workloads and share Design and plant programming solutions.

Kaynes Technology has vast experience in

  • Design and manufacturing of chassis and backplanes according various standards such as DIN, ANSI, VITA, PICMG, etc.
  • Design and manufacture chassis as per customer specifications
  • Design and manufacture of intelligent fan trays
  • Supply of rugged notepads, rugged laptops & rugged monitors
  • Customized & rugged power supplies (both chassis mountable & slot mountable PSUs)
  • In system Integrations activity which include wiring, testing and validations

Kaynes Technology Specializes in

  • Simulation & Modeling
  • Complete Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Backplane Testing
  • Design and manufacturing of systems using rack and panel connectors with blind mating concepts
  • Localization of products
  • Sourcing COT items

Kaynes technology has IPC qualified workforce

  • For PCB manufacturing
  • For wiring who are specialized in soldering and crimping techniques

With above expertize, Kaynes has a very strong presence for more than two decades and serving following sectors successfully.

  • Transportation
  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Telecom & Broadcasting
  • Medical
  • Energy
  • Instrumentation