Validation & Regulatory Compliance For Global Markets

Products need to be tested, to verify and validate the finished product against the performance and regulatory requirements. Poor product performance and non-compliance to regulatory can impact the customer satisfaction, warranty rejection, legal issues and finally the market share.

At Kaynes, we provide complete solution for testing, verification, validation of the product for quality assurance. We also support reliability demonstration through a series of reliability tests (ALT/HALT) on prototype before release to manufacturing.

The next important phase is to evaluate the product for compliance to the national & international regulatory standards (BIS, CE, FCC, & more). We provide end to end support for identifying the requirements, pre-compliance and compliance testing, documentation and certification.

Thus, we provide complete support for product development, evaluation and certification to the global market with assured product quality and life.

Our Services

Our consulting process will be like an engineering design partner working with you closely to monitor and accelerate product testing, verification, validation, regulatory testing and submission process for CE/FCC approval

  • Identification of Gap Analysis
  • Pre compliance Testing
  • Implementation of Design Change
  • Compliance Testing
  • Certification : CE/FCC

With in- house test facility and with our partner labs we support following testing.

  • QA Testing -Test case generation, Execution and review of results & actions
  • ALT, HALT (Highly accelerated Life Testing), Shock & Vibration, Drop & more
  • Pre-compliance, analysis, Implementation of Design Change and retesting
  • Compliance Testing, documentation and certification
  • Coordination with national and international certification laboratories

Testing Capabilities (in-house & partner labs )

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC & Radio
  • Safety
  • Shock & Vibration
  • Hot & Cold, Humidity, Shock
  • High altitude
  • Salt Spray
  • Drop & Tumble Test
  • HALT
lab1 lab2 lab3 lab4

Signal & Power Integrity and Thermal Analysis

Signal Integrity Analysis Power Integrity Analysis
Reflection Waveform Analysis DC Drop Analysis
Cross talk Analysis. Decoupling Analysis
Propagation delay and timing Analysis Power intergrity analysis results can be further used in cost optimization of power supply components which is a significant cost for anu product design.
Eye Diagram Analysis
Layer stackup recommendation
Generation of Layout constrains & guideliness