Obsolescence Management

infographics_2Kaynes presence in Aerospace, Transportation and Medical sectors has necessitated Kaynes to follow an exhaustive process for Obsolescence Management. Key is in identifying likely components becoming obsolete early enough to ensure mitigating actions well before it becomes a full blown crisis.

At the time of NPD itself the component EOL details are added in our ERP system. These details are regularly updated with notifications received from manufacturers. The system will give pop up to the buyers, engineering and project managers informing them about EOL status and this willbe further relayed to the customers with alternate data sheets or value add thru design. Kaynes is known to proactively either stock enough components till design changes could be implemented or even block wafers with a chip manufacturer in wafer bank for packaging at a later stage.These actions are taken along with customer mitigating the risks of EOL drastically.

The exhaustive process of Obsolescence management is implemented along with

  • Document and Record Control
  • Change Controls ,alternatives& modification
  • Configuration Management
  • Traceability from Component Level & surveillance