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Kaynes Technology Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth® Modules

Bluetooth module enables the transfer of simple data between compact devices opening up a completely new class of Bluetooth applications such as watches, TV remote controls, medical sensors and fitness trainers, building an ecosystem using Bluetooth low energy (BLE).

Bluetooth moduleBluetooth module

Bluetooth low energy takes less time to make a connection than conventional Bluetooth wireless technology and consumes approximately 20 times less power than Bluetooth Basic Rate. Kaynes Technology is the only Indian company to make first Bluetooth modules on CSR based chipset in India.

Bluetooth Technology Built-In Ready-to-use Modules : Manufactured to handle a broad range of technologies, Kaynes Technology’s Bluetooth modules can be designed into various types of electronic devices.

Features include:

  • High Data Rates
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Rapid Connection and Disconnection
  • Seamless Transition from Bluetooth Classic to Bluetooth Low energy (SMART) In dual Mode module
Part Number KT5MM KT1010
RF Category Classic Bluetooth v3.1 EDR Bluetooth Smart v4.1
Support Profile SPP, A2DP, HFP, AVCRP, AG, HID GATT, Proximity, HR
proprietary codec/profile aptX, CVC Mesh
Controller DSP DSP
Dimension 21mm x 13.5mm x 1.88mm (w/o antenna) 22mm x 15.25mm x 2.7mm
Rx Sensitivity (dBm) 7.5 dBm (SOC)
Tx Power (dBm) -92 dBm (SOC)
Power supply (V) 2.5 to 4.2 1.8 to 3.3
Interface PCM, I2S, SPDIF, MIC, Line-in and Speaker output UART, SPI, PWM, I2C, AIO, ADC, GPIO
Operating Temperature -20 to + 85 °C -20 to + 85 °C
Evaluation Kit KT5MM-EVK KT1010-EVK

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