Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

  • 6 SMT Lines capable with laser marker
  • 2D Barcodes with Max size 110 mm
Surface Mount
Laser Marker
Surface Mount
  • 3D inline SPI with 2 Microns Height accuracy
  • Max PCB size handling of 510 mm X 460 mm
Surface Mount
Surface Mount
  • Designed for Lead-Free Soldering
  • Auto Chip Pick-up, Auto Reflow, Top and Bottom Convection Heating
BGA Rework & Reballing BGA Rework & Reballing
  • Maximum magnification of 6000x & High penetration of 160kV
  • 3D viewing capabilities with CT Scan
X-Ray Inspection X-Ray Inspection
  • Dual pitch selection system (2.5 mm & 5 mm)
  • 0.36 sec / component tact time
  • Max PCB size handling of 330 x 250 mm
Through Hole
Auto Insertion Machine
through hole
  • Separate Wave Soldering Machines for R0HS & Non RoHS
  • Dual wave soldering capability
Wave Soldering Wave Soldering
  • 457mm x 508mm Maximum PCB Handling Size
  • Flux Level Sensor
  • Auto Fiducial Recognition and Correction System
Selective Soldering Selective Soldering
  • Dual wash tank
  • 508 mm x 381 mm Maximum PCB Handling Size
  • 2.75 meters (9 feet) dynamic was section
Cleaning Machine Cleaning Machine
  • Control of aqueous and semi-aqueous cleaning processes
  • Cleanliness testing of performance-sensitive small parts
Ionic Contamination Tester Ionic Contamination Tester
  • Zoom ratio of 1:6.4
  • 180mm Long Working Distance
Manual Inspection with
Stereo Microscope
Stereo Microscope
  • 302,500 components/hr total placement capacity
  • Minimum size 01005 Component package handling capability
  • Max PCB size handling of 610x508 mm
  • Pin in Paste Process capability
Surface Mount
Pick and Place
Component Pick and Place
  • Nitrogen controlled environment
  • 350 C maximum set point temperature
  • Compatible of Non RoHS and RoHS Compliant soldering capabilities
Surface Mount
Surface Mount Reflow
  • Five 4 Mega Pixel Digital Color Camera In-Line AOI System
  • Integrated INTELLI-SCAN Laser Inspection System
  • Inspects solderability issues, missed components, legend Mark & Component Shift
  • Has OCR capabilities
Surface Mount
  • Configurable for ICT, boundary scan, ISP, flash programming, and functional test
  • Built-in calibration standards module and self-test circuits
  • High precision measurements of analog components
In circuit Testing In circuit Testing
  • Testing unit with 4 flying probes on one side
  • On-board programming, boundary scan test, visual tests
  • Offline Programming and Repair stations
  • Barcode and 2D-code reading management
Flying Probe Testing Flying Probe Testing
  • 2 ton capacity
  • Digital counter
  • Compact frame design
  • Stroke length - 40 mm
Crimping Machine
  • 1800 cycles per hour
  • Plate size - 215 x 100 x 10 mm
  • Pad Stroke - 10 to 100 mm

Pad Printing

Testing Capabilities

  • Board level Functional Testing
  • Product Specific Functional Testing
  • In-Circuit Testing

Manual testing facility with specific adaptors and jigs to match, for speed up testing, with AC/DC power supplies frequency counters, Digital millimeters, waveform analysis ,Digital storage oscilloscope, and LCR bridges.