Cable Harness & Cabling

cableKaynes is geared to provide customer’s solutions for complex and niche wiring harness systems. We offer small, medium and large run production of wire harnesses,cable assemblies. We have the facility and capability of manufacturing wiring harnesses complying with the requirements of aerospace, defense, railways, medical, industrial and automotive

Kaynes provides total solutions in wiring harness manufacturing from

Designing => Product Development => Manufacturing => Testing => Installation and Servicing

Designing (Build to Specification)

Our Engineers work closely with customer to understand the requirements and suggest cost effective design to meet the form, fit and function with COTS or custom designed parts. Once the concept is agreed with customer our team prepares

  • Harness Drawings
  • Bill of Material with Manufacture and MPN
  • Wiring List
  • Child Part drawing for Custom Parts
  • Labeling Information
  • Form Boards
  • Proto Types

We can also take up activity of reverse engineering for products where drawings and specifications are not available

Product Development (Build to Print)

Our Engineers work with the documents provided by the customer to realize the product as specified in the drawing. The systematic approach and reviews will


Our In-house capability of process design and validation, designing & manufacturing of Jigs & Fixtures , Applicator design & manufacturing ,Design & manufacturing of circuit checking & assembly boards make us a cost effective solution provider. We have a large team of highly skilled operators with a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Process and product specific training are imparted to all to ensure the product delivered is of high quality

Capability to manufacture:


  • Simple to complex signal and power harnesses including looms.
  • Sealed harnesses.
  • RF cable assemblies.
  • 3D harness.
  • High speed cable assemblies
  • Overmoulded cable assemblies
  • Braided Cable assemblies

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