Systems Integration

systemKaynes Technology has been executing large Systems Integration Projects related to Process Automation, Security and Surveillance Systems, Energy Management Systems, Naval Systems including many Industrial Control Systems Projects.

Kaynes Technology design, engineer and integrates complete System of all sizes and complexities by way of our combination of multiple technical expertise, domain knowledge, strong management experience and our robust Systems Engineering Process.

Our Systems integration experts unify independent systems into single common functional system by understanding, assimilating the intricacies associated with each independent subsystems maintaining proficiency in key systems area to address the integration challenges.

Kaynes has the ability and resources to integrate multiple electronic systems seamlessly by Extensive Systems Engineering , System Configuration, Interface and Communication Systems development, Software and Firmware Development , Application Software Development, Systems Integration and testing and up to final commissioning at Project Site

Our Key Systems Integration domains includes

Security and Surveillance Systems integrated with Advanced Biometric Systems

  • Incorporates most advanced imaging and recording technology , IP Cameras, NVRs, Surveillance Software, Video Server Based Solution and Supported by wireless solutions, Secure VPN Connectivity and Web Filtering
  • Integrated Access Control System based on Finger Print, Retina/Palm/RFID based Solution.
  • Powerful Video Analytics Software.
  • IP Surveillance Solution complying with Open Industry Standard and integrated and triggered by other Systems
  • Under Vehicle Scanning Systems

Smart City Projects

Kaynes Technology has a Core Team to address the high end technology requirements of Smart City Projects envisaged by Government Of India. The areas include

  • Connectivity and communication solutions
  • Green Building, Green Energy
  • Intelligent Transport Systems, Integrated City Surveillance System
  • Smart Building, Smart Education, Smart Health Care

Real Time Process Control and Energy Management Systems

Provides customized end to end solution providing industry specific functional solution for monitoring, power quality control and automation and cost allocation Offers comprehensive program to provide end to end energy management solution helping our clients to make use of most of their allocated energy

VESDA Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems

Kaynes Technology India provides total solution for Smoke and Fire Alarm System in collaboration with the Global Leaders in Fire Safety. System offers very early warning aspirating Smoke Detection Solution with continuous Air Sampling and provides the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard.

Marine Systems, Ship Repair Projects & Operation and Maintenance of Marine Vessels

The team provide high quality service including Repair, Corrective and Preventive maintenance, Upgrades Electrical Power Generation, Power Distribution, Control & Automation, Power Management Systems, Navigation and Communication Systems.