Exclusive RoHS/ GREEN Manufacturing

RoHSAs an electronics product supplier, you are under increasing pressure to supply products that are RoHS compliant, already effective from July1, 2006. Each of the EU member states are planning to enforce the directive in their own way.

KAYNES plays a major role in this for the customers to say “Let’s make the products RoHS compliant”. KAYNES has set up an exclusive “Lead free” manufacturing line for PCB assemblies, with the expertise on RoHS compliant products manufacturing for over a year, have established the skill sets/trained manpower and infrastructure to produce highly effective RoHS compliant products.

Combined with visual control management & trained manpower, exclusive procedure and work instruction sets, isolated manufacturing area, we at KAYNES have the apt answers for manufacturing products complaint with RoHS.

It is not just the “Lead free” manufacturing of PCB. We have built up expertise beyond, to supply mechanical parts, finishes, transformers,cable sets, bare boards, heat sink parts, consumables, “Green dot” packaging and even labeling of products which are RoHs compliant.

Concern of the customer for being RoHS compliant is no more a concern and KAYNES has ready answers, fortunately. We could also take upprojects for conversion of existing line of products for converting it to RoHS.

Partner with KAYNES to go the RoHS way and realize tangible benefits like:

  • Supply to EU community a safe product complying with RoHS
  • Plan a compliance strategy for the existing products throughout the life cycle of the products
  • Re-engineering products for your PCB assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Minimize your investments exclusive to RoHS
  • Optimize your resources to comply with RoHS
  • Manufacturing and supply of PCBs using lead free manpower and process
  • Supply RoHS compliant parts apart from PCB assemblies like transformers, mechanical parts, etc