About Us

Kaynes is an engineering and IT services company specialist in SAP technology with versatile solutions.

Innovation and deep understanding of technology solutions in which we specialize and in the business processes which are key factors in the industry sectors that are our focus: Industry, Logistics, Automotive, Services, Consumer Goods, Retail, Media, Entertainment and Technology. Special attention to the quality of our services through a careful implementation and management of projects, following methodologies based on our experience and in line with best practices of the industry.

Our mission is based on the knowledge of our customers business, showing them how information technology can provide them new possibilities, and work along with them in implementing and maintaining solutions that enable them to obtain and sustain a competitive advantage in their respective sectors.

We provide a service to consulting firm providing professional assistance in several HR disciplines. We partner with our clients to offer strategic and tactical solutions to their human resource needs. We are scalable and efficient in providing workforce solutions to small, medium and large enterprises. As a trusted advisor we work towards the success of your business by providing HR support and consulting in diverse sectors and verticals. We help our clients in establishing practices and policies, manage the human resources and alleviate risk through thoughtful and cost-effective solutions. Work commitment and level of satisfaction we offer have established our reputation as a chief human resources consulting services provider. Dynamic business needs of today make candidate screening a vital aspect of talent acquisition and recruitment process. We believe that screening process should be properly defined and at the same time executed well to have the best outcomes. We offer focused and 360-degree acquisition solutions, doing permanent staffing, temporary staffing, and part-time staffing and campus recruitment.

Our talent acquisition process begins by understanding your requirements such as vacant positions, qualifications, attitudes and experiences you look for. Then we create the job descriptions that state detailed information. Once the job description is established, right candidates are shortlisted through huge databases. Further, extensive background checks of candidates are done, and it helps in establishing if a candidate is a right fit for your company. Then we guide them to make them the most eligible candidates for the available positions in your company.

Over the years we at Kaynes Technology have been perfecting the art of offering quality services and customized solutions that cater to the client specific needs. Our services are affordable and provided within the stated time frame.